About Us

Albexpo Group (previously known as Elida Co. ’94) is a service company with the main activity to plan, organize and construct expo-fairs.  It has developed an international prestige in event planning, management and construction through many years of experience and an effective operational structure.  1994 was an important year that marked not only the formation of the company but also the achievement of its success, being the first name in the Albanian history to step into the business of fair organization and construction. After exploiting this experience, there rose the necessity of changing the company’s profile from a trade company to a service agency.

Albexpo shares an efficient innovative profile in order to attract international customers and investors. There is no doubt that the company has grounded a new tradition in the business sector. The agency offers the best solution for organizing conferences and constructing fairs in Albania and in the region.

Albexpo has such a wide operation range that has to work in several divisions:

  1. Albexpo: event planning (fairs, conferences etc.).
  2. Albexpo system: event management throughout construction period and till the last day of the show (fairs, conferences etc.).
  3. Albneon-vision: in the line of production of Indoor / outdoor advertising lights through billboards, prints and artistic design.