International Tourism Fair “Tirana 2017”


International Tourism Fair “Tirana 2017”

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Albexpo Group in cooperation with the Albanian and Balkan Associations of Tourism organize the International Tourism Fair “Tirana 2017” registered in the official calendar of fairs in Albania.

Activity dates:itf-photo
from 24/03/2017 to 25/03/2017

Albexpo Group and the Albanian and Balkan Associations of  Tourism

Palace of Congresses, Tirana (in the city center)

Presentation of Potentials, Guides and Touristic Packages for Albania and Regional Countries.

The Artisans, Hospitality and Culinary Arts of the participant countries.

International Tourism Fair “Tirana 2017”
At these times when global tourism has been developed since decades, tourists‘ attention is drawn towards a new destination, the Balkans. Leaving behind its conflicts, this region is eager to offer the possibility of discovering one of the most ancient populations in the world. Through a magical combination of the almost unexplored nature with the culture, history and traditions, the Balkans have the potential to become one of the main touristic attraction. The rich landscape of the Balkans offer a wide variety of tourism possibilities to explore. Improvement initiatives should be practiced continuously for the formation and development of appropriate infrastructures of the region which are taking action to regulate legislation in support of Economic growth referring to work policies and principles of Europe.itf-2
For the development of sustainable tourism in this region is very important the commitment and the cooperation of local and national communities, as well as the introduction of the most successful international experiences in this field.
Tourism development in the Balkans is very promising, as the latest statistics show, and this can be determined by the commitment of all the countries‘ growth policies to achieve international standards.
While all work in promoting their country, many tourists are interested in visiting  many places of the region within their journey, which is made possible from the geographic position and touristic diversity.
A need arises in this case for a close and concrete cooperation in this respect between the countries of the Balkans to promote as a tourist whole unit. Dialogue for drafting joint regulatory policies is necessary and providing tourist packages chain would be very helpful for all countries.
Promotion of tourism in the Balkans as an integrated touristic destination, not only would interest local tourist but internationals also.

Description of the participants::
Organizers will base on some criteria for defining the exhibitors at the Fair

  • Touristic Operatorsitf-tirana-2011
  • Travel Agency
  • Hotel –  Restaurant
  • Guesthouse
  • Airline – Sea Cruises
  •  Artisan
  • Wine producers
  • Institution

Participants countries:
This event plans to welcome operative and important participants of tourism, mainly from:

  • Albania
  • Kosovo
  • Italy
  • Greece
  • Montenegroitf-tirana-2012
  • Turkey
  • Serbia
  • Macedonia
  • Croatia
  • etc

What is obtained through the International Tourism Fair “Tirana 2017” ?

 Promotion of public services and touristic product offered in the Balkans

 The establishment of a network of touristic packages which promote the Balkans as a tourist     destination

 Information on the latest tourism policies of the Balkan countries

 Information about legislation and joint regulatory policies between countries

 The opportunity to establish contacts with visitors, companies and  associations

 Exchange of experiences and information

Insight on the potential of cooperation

Insight on the potential of investment in cooperation

Signing contracts


The Fair will be organized in cooperation with Associations from the Balkans on Tourism and Hotels.
This activity will include not only the exhibition of participants but also conferences for those interested in knowing more about new tendencies, challenges, opportunities in the Tourism Industry and identification of new partners. Institutions and universities of the field of tourism will be special guests and part of the conferences concerning the following topics:itf-tirana-2016
1. Tourism, the greatest industry in the world which provides economic income and security
2. The importance of professional training in tourism
3. Increase of regional cooperation and promotion of it in the world
4. Promotion of Sustainable Tourism

As previously shown in formal events International Tourism Fair “Tirana 2017”   will offer opportunities for Be-to-Be discussions.

  • With the belief that you will evaluate the importance of this activity, we invite you to participate.
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