Albneon-vizion is one of the most notorious ateliers in the Albanian market. This line of production implies the NEON LABOUR which consists in the application of new technologies for indoor and outdoor billboards. Furthermore, there are three more implement structures of design such as 3D cutter, color- plotter and professional design style of the scenography construction; everything accustomed to your business necessities.

The clients of this atelier are business operators, media It is to be mentioned the co-operation with companies such as Vodafone, “Sheraton” Hotel, “ADRIATIK” , “ILIRIA”– in Durrës, Xixa Complex in Durres, Western Union , INFOSOFT, Albanian Post Office, the Port Authority of Durres and INSIG. In addition, media companies as TVSH, Top Chanel (Fiks Fare), Telesport are other important clients. The company considers with special attributes, the billboards located at the “Mother Teresa Airport”.

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