Albexposistem is the agency that offers all services concerning stand construction, from the design to the realization of indoor and outdoor exhibition spaces. The equipment used for the construction is mostly from OCTANORM and METRA and can build up to 10’000 sq.m exhibition spaces indoors and up to 6000 sq.m. outdoors. We also offer all stand furnishing accessories including advertising elements. Albexposistem can construct customized stands adapting them to the fair’s genre and to the clients’ desires. We also offer the design and construction of group-stands matching the potential requirements of specific projects (promotion of countries, regions, organizations etc).

Exhibition Spaces

The main exhibition spaces, approximately 25000 m², are the Palace of Congresses and the International Cultural Center.

The Palace of Congresses

The Palace is a multifunctional space, designed for conferences, congresses and fairs. It can host 50 to 2200 visitors in rooms equipped with simultaneous translation means and audio- and video-recording technology. The main room (30mx16mx15m) is suitable for congresses, concerts, plays and shows that require up to 2000 m² of space and can host up to 2200 guests. The number of microphones, earphones and other accessories are offered upon requirement.

The International Cultural Center 

The International Cultural Centre, with its luxurious facilities, was conceived in the form of a pyramid. The building is composed of a setting (-4.65 ml) in which is located a conference hall, the main hall (0.0 ml), and three half-floor balconies (5.40, 9.60 and 13.20 ml ).

Palace of Sports “Tomor Sinani” – Elbasan, with an exhibition capacity of 2500 m²
Palace of Sports “Ramazan Njala” – Durres, with an exhibition capacity of 2800 m²
Palace of Sports “Tamara Nicholas” – South, with an exhibition capacity of 3500 m²
Palace of Sports – South, with an exhibition capacity of 2000 m²
Palace of Youth, Culture and Sport Pristina, with an exhibition capacity of 4000 m²
Exhibition Center-Industrial Area Pristina, with an exhibition capacity of 5000 m²