International Furniture Fair ALBANIA 2015

International Furniture Fair ALBANIA 2015
Feb 19, 2015
Activity date: from 12/03/2015 to 15/03/2015

Organizer: Albexpo Group

Place: Palace of Congresses, Tirana

Topic: Mobilerise Intercom Fair ALBANIA 2015

Collaborator: Association of Wood Processors of Albania (SHPDSH)

Activity date: from 12/03/2015 to 15/03/2015

Organizer: Albexpo Group with the support of the Association of Wood Processors of Albania (SHPDSH),

Place: Palace of Congresses, Tirana

Topic: Presentation of Furniture Products from Domestic and Foreign Companies

Collaborator: Association of Wood Processors of Kosovo (SHPDK), Sister Associations and Chambers of Commerce of the Region


International Furniture Fair ALBANIA 2015
The furniture fair started with the first edition in 2003. Before this industry sector was part of the general fairs, but with the awareness of the companies about the importance of the fairs as part of the marketing and promotion mix, the requests for participation increased. As a result, since the surfaces available in Albania for fairs do not exceed 3000 m2, this sector was formed as a profiled fair.

Each successive edition of this fair has been successful both on the part of the exhibitors, who are from different parts of this industrial sector and from different international countries, and on the part of the visitors, who are also from different international countries and different sectors of the economy, also direct consumers.

This edition as a continuation of the tradition this year is brought by an organizer like SHPDSH, which was born and founded in this fair, strongly supporting its members with one of its objectives, the promotion and marketing of this industry in Albania.

Since the fair in its beginnings is a very important part of the marketing and promotion mix to achieve the goals set in the design of the participating company, we will give below the explanations where the fair is defined as such.

The marketing function of the fair
Marketing can be understood as coordination, planning and monitoring of all company activities directed towards the presence and potential of markets. These company activities serve the purpose of long-term fulfillment of consumer needs on the one hand, and the fulfillment of enterprise objectives on the other hand. To achieve this, the company must bring a whole range of marketing policies into play.

The fair cannot be considered simply as an efficient means of distribution, but on the contrary, it affects all elements of the marketing mix, especially in the case of capital equipment. The fair has changed from being just a place to shop. It is now more and more a source of information and communication. It has great potential for effective marketing in almost every aspect. When an exhibitor participates in a fair he can bring into play their company policies in communication, price and delivery conditions and products. Most Exhibitors consider participating in a fair as an integral component of their marketing. Fairs serve to fulfill a variety of company goals.

Marketing at trade fairs means streamlining, because trade fairs can be used for a variety of different functions. Hardly any other marketing tool is able to combine detailed presentation of the company and its products with personal contact with customers.

Fairs are also the source of a number of sales which are an essential component of any company’s sales policy. This is where market procedures, the type and scope of changes, and the direction and speed of true future developments come to light. Unlike an advertisement in a newspaper, a promotional letter, brochure or catalog which all convey a completely abstract impression, at a fair the product itself is the center of attention. Machines and systems are presented in action dialogue between the customer and the exhibitor which is directly related to the presentation by the technical expert.

Nor can it be thought that trade fairs will be replaced by highly sophisticated information technology: on the contrary, many products and services have a growing need to be clarified, the various application possibilities make the final decision for buyers always made more difficult. The range of available products is constantly growing. The exchange of experiences and verbal communication are becoming more and more important. The basis of personal trust between business partners is therefore one of the most important factors in making the final decision. At the national and international level of competition, close customer relationships have taken on key importance as a strategy for success. Experts have come to the conclusion that regardless of the expenses involved in participating in a fair, there is no other situation where it is possible to find so many competent specialists in such a short time.

The acceptance of a new product or a prototype can be tested very easily at a trade fair. Visitor feedback provides valuable information for market research. Another advantage of participating in a fair is the opportunity to keep in touch with regular customers. Participating in a trade show should often be seen as a collaboration with other marketing tools. For example, if the main purpose of participation is to develop existing contacts with regular customers, it should be an intensive campaign to attract them to the fair. If it is a priority to attract new customers, the advertising campaign must have a broad appeal. A simple analysis of what happens at a trade show shows that this marketing tool can achieve a very wide variety of objectives. All the mentioned factors emphasize the importance of trade fairs as part of the marketing mix.


The fair as part of communication
The process of communication represents an exchange of news and information. This is also the case at a trade fair, even though the exhibitor is more in the role of information provider with its display, products and staff; the visitor for a moment assumes the role of receiver of information, but later he also becomes an active participant in the exchange of information. The actual trade fair assumes the role of the medium: thus, communication is one of the central functions of fairs and exhibitions.

The instruments of the company’s communication policy are advertising, sales promotion, personal selling discussion and public relations.

It is also true that a fair can convey much more vivid and active information about a product or service than any other component of the marketing mix. The product can also be seen as described. This is especially important in trade fairs such as the furniture industry sector.

The exhibitor has many opportunities to offer Fair visitors an impressive experience, e.g. giving a display of the relevant product. The great importance of a fair is attached to the comparison with other media due to its multifunctional character. No other medium can have such individualized employment, and no other situation offers the possibility of such direct communication with consumers, in order to create a need for information, or to satisfy an already existing need for information.

Participating in the fair helps a company to reach more potential customers and create a more favorable impression on existing customers. It is also possible to become aware of changes in consumer profile and purchasing behavior as quickly and directly as possible within the framework of participation in a trade fair

The impact of all this will bring Albanian companies; the increase in Export and with this the increase in Investments, and the increase in the number of employees.

Why create/increase export? As the companies are being exposed and recognized by the country, the wider region and the interest of different buyers will arouse the curiosity of many potential buyers and investors.
Why the increase in Imports: Since wood processors use a lot of wood and other accessories, the increase in the production of companies and the demand for export will also increase the demand for raw materials (such as wooden boards, MDF, veneer, etc.) and other accessories.
The CEFTA trade agreements and those with the EU will give more favorable incentives and opportunities to producers for export and better competitiveness.

Description of the participants
The organizers will take as a basis some criteria for determining the exhibitors at the Fair. Participants must meet the following criteria:
To be a registered legal company
To be a member of SHPDSH, or to become,
To promote “Made in Albania” products or services (so they must be local products)
To have sufficient capacities as a company.
Other foreign participants must be part of this industry sector along these lines:
Home furniture
1. Furniture for the hall
2. Furniture for the living room
3. Furniture for the kitchen
4. Bedroom furniture
5. Furniture for children’s rooms
6. Bathroom furniture
Office furniture
1. Office furniture
2. Office furniture
Furniture for Public Spaces
1. Furniture for hotels
2. Furniture for Bar – Cafe
3. Furniture for restaurants
1. Garden furniture
2. Decoration for Gardens
Machinery and Tools
1. Heavy woodworking machinery
2. Tools for wood processing
3. Materials for reproduction
Additional Equipment
1. Accessories
2. Equipment
3. Lighting
4. Household appliances


What will the companies achieve during and after exposure at these fairs
The main objective of participating in these fairs is:

Increasing the “Know-how” of companies from the experiences of each other
Development of new products, new design, innovations
Creation of new contacts with potential buyers – realization of export
The opportunity to present local products to international companies
Continuation of old contacts with new products
The realization of exports with an increase of 10% and the increase of investments in companies (with this the generation of new jobs).
The Mobilerise Fair “ALBANIA 2014” is becoming the place to discover new ideas for attracting new buyers, which means
more opportunities for exhibitors.
In this activity you can show the consumer the value of your product and your brand



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  • Venue : Tirana, ALB