“Touristic Albania 2012” Fair

“Touristic Albania 2012” Fair

Activity Date: 25/04/2012 to 27/04/2012

Organizer: Albexpo Group & FIAA

Location: Palace of Congresses, Tirana

Content: Development and Promotion of Tourism in Albania and in the Region

Contributors: Albanian Tourism Association (ATA), Municipality of Tirana, Elbasan, Korca, Pogradec etc…

Participants: Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Turkey, Greece, Kroatia, Italy, etc

Supported / Sponsor: KATA & USAID

Showing our full loyalty to continuously work and cooperate for the promotion of your business, Albexpo Group through „Touristic Albania 2012“ Fair offers you the possibility to be part of B2B meetings, organized in such a way to effectively work for your business growth. The organizing group has planned that beside the presence of visitors and exhibitors, previously arranged meetings with tour agencies and hotels, resorts, restaurants, wine tourism entities will take place during the days of the fair.

This means that once we have the (always up-to-date) database of participants and interested parties from Albania and the Region (Tour operators, Hotels, Resorts, Restaurants, etc) and after you have competed the following form indicating your business partner you are interested in meeting, we coordinate.

  • You state your role and your aims.
  • You indicate your subjects of interest.
  • We guarantee the place, the time and the right arrangement to effectively promote your business.

Albania has so much to offer to tourists in terms of its hugely diverse natural beauty, its culture, its heritage and archeological sites. It can be considered as one of the unexplored pearls of the Mediterranean chain, guaranteeing diverse attractions.  Albania offers infinite potential to investors to take advantage of unexplored opportunities in tourism, and helping to develop this industry into a key strategic sector in the country’s economy.

Even the year 2011 confirmed that the number of tourists that visit Albania every year is in progressive growth due to the investments made in the tourism industry, as well as in the infrastructure.  The news agency CNN has enlisted Albania sixths of the top must-see touristic destinations to visit during the 2011. The Famous Lonely Planet website suggested Albania as the Top touristic destination for the 2011.

Albania’s geographic position, as part of Western Balkans, offers many regional cooperation possibilities in terms of developing a sustainable tourism for the member countries. During the recent years, international organizations such as USAID/RCI, GiZ have taken under the loop the development of tourism and the promotion of the Western Balkans Countries. The main scope of this work is to design and develop unified tour packages offering the possibility to visit many of the member countries within one trip.  For this purpose, the involvement and cooperation of local communities is of crucial help as well as the introduction of the best international experience in the field.

Within the frame of the contineus effort  to support the continuing development of the tourism industry in Albania, and to make this country a tourist destination of choice, on the 100th annual anniversary of Independence The fair “Touristic Albania 2012” will be held on April 25-27th, 2012 at the Palace of Congress in Tirana.

The objective is to attract more new foreign investors to the tourism sector, hopefully resulting in increased tourists to this country. The Touristic Albania 2012  will be the perfect place  to make contact and develop relationships with the right people and organizations such as the government institutions, municipalities, airports, ports, potential business partners, tourism and real estate operators, who will all share their experiences, visions and current projects with the other participants.

This event will host exhibitors from variuos countries from the Western Balkans and the wider region. In order to create a higher attraction towards the tourist, this event aims to offer the possibility of initiating colaborations for drawing regional tour packages and to promote Western Balkans as an unified tourisic entity.

Besides Albania, in this event, tour operators and other important players in the industry from the following countries will be present:

Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Croatia, Greece, Slovenia

  • o   Tourism Agencies
  • o   Hotels
  • o   Handicraft
  • o   Culinary Arts
  • o   Wine Tourism

Attendees and participants of will benefit from the following:

  • Obtaining updated commercial information relating to the Albanian tourism industry.
  • Get an update on legislation affecting tourism in Albania.
  • Experience and understand the history and background of Albania’s tourism industry.
  • Set meetings with interested and potential business partners.
  • Contact and develop commercial relations with those in the market.
  • Evaluate and gain direct knowledge of the features of the new products/services.
  • Disseminate and discuss innovations in the tourism industry and how they can apply to Albania.
  • Participate in the Conference, seminars and related events.
  • Listen to domestic and foreign tourist agencies which will present their experiences working in Albania and offer their latest products.
  • Gain a better understanding of the investment potential that exists in Albanian tourism.
  • Gain an understanding of Cultural-Heritage and Eco Tourism opportunities from presentations focusing on the rich cultural heritage and universal appeal of such places as Butrint, Gjirokastra, Antigona, and Apollonia among others.
  • Exchanging of experiences and possibilities with regards to the development of the various tourism sectors
  • Drawing of integrated policies for the development of tourism in accordance with international standards
  • Establishing of right connections for initiating regional mutual investments and foreign investments
  • Drawing of integrated tour packages
  • Cooperation for securing and promoting the tourist safety
  • Promoting globally the Sustainable Cooperation of the tourism industry of the Western Balkans countries
  • Developing of the communication network between the Western Balkans countries
  • Strategy and Action Plan for Development of Cultural and Environmental Tourism in Albania.
  • Market guarantees and the support available from the Albanian Government for foreign and domestic investors.
  • Agreements and Treaties signed by the Government of Albania relating to national and regional tourism
  • Plans for the Albanian coastline and many other projects included in the “Strategy and Action for Development of Cultural and Environmental Tourism in Albania” compiled by the Ministry of Tourism and Culture.
  • The latest efforts designed to improve tourism services and support development of accurate and interesting tourist guides.
  • Promotion of Albania as a “New Discovery” for tourists worldwide.
  • Information on legislation and specific measures that have been taken related to concerns identified by some international tour-operators, authors of tour guides and local experts, regarding the perceived and real risks visitors might encounter including road safety, food hygiene, medical care, as well as improved comfort for tourists in rural areas and the reduction of urban waste in tourist areas.
  • Getting of the latest trade information about the Western Balkans tourism industry
  • Informing on the latest policies concerning tourism in the Western Balkans
  • Informing on the latest developments in the global tourism
  • Understanding of regional cooperation potentials
  • Understanding of investing potentials in the region
  • Information about the International Fair Calendar and specifically where Albania is going to exhibit throughout the years 2012-2013, as well as the next “Touristic Albania” Fair.
  • Information about the cultural-touristic event calendar taking place in Albania on the 2012
  • Date : April 25, 2012 - April 27, 2012
  • Time : 10:00 am - 4:30 pm (UTC)
  • Reg. Deadline : July 22, 2021
  • Venue : Tirana, ALB